Stealing Styles from Hank Moody

Hank Moody is a prime example of a man that can unfailingly pull of a simple dress code and still look good as hell. Like he himself says, he has a uniform and it works. And while the fashion critics in Milan and Paris might not rave over his elegant sense of dress, even they won't be able to deny the fact that there's a rugged and simplistic beauty to the Moody look, that coupled with his devil-may-care outlook, gets him where he needs to be.

Today we go over the essentials of emulating Hank's Style. A point to remember though, is that to really be able to pull off this look, you honestly have to be confident and nonchalant enough to walk to the local grocery in your shirt and boxers.

The Plain Navy Blue/Black t-shirt. 

From the dinner table to the bedroom; this is a Hank Moody wardrobe staple.

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The Plain Black Slim Fit Shirt 

Another Hank Moody essential, the black slim fitted shirt ads a touch of class and sophistication to Hank's look. But the lazily rolled up cuffs and open buttons maintain his don't really give a damn vibe.

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Plain Straight-cut Jeans

Hank doesn't seem to fussy about the jeans he wears. And seeing as they spend more time on the bedroom floor than on him, you can't blame the man. Plain dark blue straight-cut jeans are the Hank Moody way to go.

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A man that needs to get around as much as Hank does needs some heavy duty footwear. And you can't go wrong with a solid pair of black or dark brown boots.

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Suede Jacket 

When a more formal occasion comes a-calling, Hank Manages to look sophisticated yet retain the bad boy charm with his rugged suede jackets.

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The Occasional Leather Jacket 

Not only does the man have great taste in rock and roll, but he could also share a drink with Lemmy Kilmister and not be embarrassed halfway. So it's natural that Hank goes Hell Bent for Leather on occasion.

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The Shades

To either shield his eyes from the harsh California sun or to mask the tell-tale signs of a hangover, Hank Moody rocks a simple pair of black shades.

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